Name:  Terri Gibson

Birthday:  Oct. 26

Anniversary:  June 20

Kids' Names & Ages:  Toby, 19

Favorite Restaurant:  Someone's In the Kitchen

Favorite Coffee Drink:  Double chocolate chip frappucino

Favorite Soft Drink:  Cherry Coke or Cherry Dr. Pepper

Favorite Gift Cards:  Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, Kohls

Chick-Fil-A Order:  Grilled chicken only - due to peanut allergy (breaded sandwiches are fried in peanut oil)
I can have the fries as long as they are fried in oil other than peanut

McDonald's Order:  Plain cheeseburger, Fries

Arby's Order:  Regular Roast Beef or Beef & cheddar, Curly fries

Panera Order:  Cinnamon crunch bagel

Sonic Oder:  Plain Cheeseburger, Fries

Favorite Dessert:  Chocolate chip cookies (no nuts)

Favorite Candle Scent:  Autumn Bouquet or Autumn Leaves

Favorite Bath & Body Works Scent:  Twilight Woods, Pink Chiffon, anything pumpkin

Favorite Sports Team:  Anything Chicago

Additional Comments:  peanut and tree nut allergy.  No pesto, pine nuts or anything fried in peanut oil.

Group Gift Ideas:  Gift Card Tree with smaller increment gift cards