Name:  Nichole Wingo

Birthday:  June 18

Anniversary:  September 26

Kids' Names and Ages:  Charlie Kate-4 yrs old, Lillie Mae- 2 yrs old

Favorite Restaurant:  Chefs Market

Favorite Soft drink:  Dr. Pepper

Favorite Coffee Drink:  None

Chick-Fil-A Order:  Nuggets, fries, Dr Pepper, chick fil a sauce and Polynesian sauce

McDonald's Order:  Dr. Pepper, oatmeal, hash browns 

Subway Order:  None

Arby's Order:  Roast beef sandwich, Arby's sauce, curly fries, dr pepper

Chef's Market Order:  Pot roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, fruit tea

Panera Order:  Soup (baked potato soup or broccoli cheddar) and Caesar salad with dr pepper

Sonic Order:  Cheeseburger with everything on it, tots, dr pepper

Favorite Dessert:  Cheeseburger with everything on it, tots, dr. pepper

Favorite Gift Cards:  Target, McDonalds, Chick fil a, Walmart, lizards and lace, life way

Favorite Candle Scent:  Luna from Scentsy

Bath & Body Works Scent:  Twilight Woods

Sports Team:  UT vols

Group Gifts:  Cash/Money Tree