Name:  Jamie Turbeville

Favorite Restaurant:  Buffalo Wild Wings, or Olive Garden

Birthday:  11/13/1988

Anniversary:  5/26/2012

Favorite Soft Drink:  Dr.Pepper

Favorite Coffee Drink:  Raspberry white mocha (Starbucks)

Favorite Gift Cards:  Target, Starbucks, Southwest, Tina's nail spa, Mesolite nail spa, Venetian nail spa, local restaurants, Ann Taylor, Visa gift cards

Favorite Candle Scent:  Black coconut (yankee retired), pumpkin, apple, baking smell

Chick-Fil-A Order:  nuggets, fries, lemonade

McDonald's Order:  Cheeseburger, fries, Dr.Pepper

Subway Order:  Wheat bread, turkey, pepper jack cheese, light mayo, lettuce, tomato, sun chips, and root beer

Arby's Order:  beef and cheddar, fries, Dr.Pepper

Panera Order:  you pick 2: Chicken frontega penne, Fuji apple chicken salad, and lemonade

Sonic Order:  Grilled chicken wrap, tots, cherry limeade

Bath & Body Works Scent:  Japanese Cherry Blossom

Sports Teams:  VOLS VOLS VOLS

Additional Information:  I love camping, biking, and being outdoors!

Group Gift Ideas:  Gift Card Tree with smaller increment gift cards