Name:  Dona Plew

Favorite Restaurant:  PF Changs

Birthday:  April 16

Anniversary:  May 19

Favorite Soft Drink:  None

Favorite Coffee Drink:  None

Favorite Gift Cards:  Target, Dillard's, Macy's

Favorite Candle Scent:  Vanilla

Kids' Names & Ages:  All adults

Grandchildren's Names & Ages:  Emma, age 5

Chick-Fil-A Order:  Asian salad

McDonald's Order:  Fish sandwich, Fries, Unsweetened tea

Subway Order:  Subway club, Wheat bread

Arby's Order:  Market ham and cheese

Panera Order:  Strawberry chicken salad

Sonic Order:  Cheeseburger & fries / unsweetened tea

Bath & Body Works Scent:  Pear

Sports Team:  None

Group Gift Ideas:  One Large Gift Card to Favorite Store