Name:  Kim Dorris

Birthday:  12/28

Anniversary:  6/23

Kids' Names & Ages:  Chris 24 (Wife, Ashton), Chandler 21, Chase 16

Favorite Restaurant:  Cracker Barrel, Demo's, Casa Vieja, Cheddar's and Panera

Chick-Fil-A Order:  Nuggets, fruit, sweet tea, CFA sauce - Or any salad w/ranch

McDonald's Order:   2 cheeseburger or nuggets w/BBQ sauce

Subway Order:  Club on Wheat with no onion, pepper

Arby's Order:  ham & cheese sandwich

Panera Order:  Anything -  Broccoli soup, any salads

Chef's Market:   Anything - salmon w/sauce, mixed vegetables, green beans.  Any salad, hot chicken salad, white chocolate pudding, any cakes.  Pimento cheese, chicken salad

Sonic Order:  Cheeseburger, mayo, ketchup and tots

Arby's:  Ham & cheese

Favorite Drink:  Sweet Tea/ unsweet - half cut tea

Favorite Coffee Drink:  None

Favorite Dessert:  Anything, chocolate chip cookie or ice cream

Favorite Gift Cards:  Movies (NCG or Regal), restaurant gift cards

Favorite Candle Scent:  Any

Bath & Body Works Scent:  Any

Sports Teams:  UT VOLS, Titans, Predators, Beech High School

Additional Comments:  

Group Gift Ideas:  N/A