Name:  Stacy Barnette

Birthday:  4/29

Anniversary:  6/28

Kids' Names & Ages:  Megan-27, Jessie-27, Kris - 27, Katie- 26, Alexis-22

Grandchildren's Names & Ages:  Peyton- 7 Girl, Ella- 6, Emory-5, Carter-4

Favorite Restaurant:  Painturo's

Favorite Soft Drink:  Diet Coke

Favorite Coffee Drink:  none

Chick-Fil-A Order:  CFA Sandwich and fries

McDonald's Order:  Double Cheeseburger Meal

Subway Order:  Subway Melt w/ mayo, spicy mustard and lettuce

Chef's Market Order:   I LOVE their cheese dip!

Arby's Order:  Reg roast beef sandwich and potato cakes

Panera Order:  Broccoli and Cheese soup

Favorite Dessert:  Chocolate Chip Cookies

Favorite Gift Cards:  Hobby Lobby, Parent/Teacher Store, Wal-Mart, Target

Favorite Candle Scent:  Mulberry

Favorite Bath & Body Works Scent:  Japanese Cherry ????

Favorite Sports Team:  UT

Group Gift Ideas:  Surprise me with a gift that you think fits my personality