Parents, Welcome to Madison Creek Cafeteria!

I want to inform you of some important information that concerns you and your children in the cafeteria. We look forward to having your child eat with us and hope that these helpful tips will ensure a great lunchtime for them.  

Lunch price daily                   $2.75    

Breakfast price daily             $1.75        Breakfast serving time 6:40-7:00

Lunch money can be paid by:    Check (phone number is required)


                                                                  (must have student id#)

When sending money to cafeteria it must have:    Student's full legal name

                                                                                                                  Teacher's name

                                                                                                                  Designated amount to account

*Designated accounts:     Meal only account is just for meals only

                                                         General account can be used for meal and snack

*You may send one check for all money and note how you want it to be split. 

*You may also send one check for all your students if you designate for each.

*Money can be placed in the LUNCH MONEY BASKET in the cafeteria first thing in the mornings when students arrive.    

Snack Prices:  Cookie .40 Chips .75 Fruit roll up .65 Slushy 1.00    Switch fruit drink1.25     bottled water .60  brownie .50  cupcake .75  Ice cream .75      dippin dots $2.00      milk $.60

Meal Assistance forms need to be reprocessed yearly a new form can be sent home or picked up in the cafeteria. You can apply online at or can fill out a paper copy that you can get from the cafeteria.  If you need any assistance please contact Angie Shirley Kitchen Manager 615-855-1140 

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.